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Ontario First Aid & Leadership Training is committed to educate people with health & safety, first aid and leadership that can improve lives in the workplace, community and at home. Ontario First Aid & Leadership Training® is always offering our top of the line training and products in health & safety, first aid and leadership. Our services include training, health and safety consultation, emergency supplies, medical coverage at events, health care based courses and leadership in the community.

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Ontario First Aid & Leadership Training takes pride in our techniques and training methods which continuously strives for excellence.

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Ontario First Aid & Leadership Training is a company of diversity, quality and excellence. Our services range from training, products, event services, health & safety consultation, audits and safety coordination. We continuously are striving to ensure your satisfaction. Ontario First Aid & Leadership Training is a leader in the community preparing others for emergencies and coordinating companies, businesses, educational institutions, religious institutions and individuals of how to react to such disasters. Our team of experienced employees range from educational professionals, health care professionals to emergency workers who save lives everyday.

Our mission is solely to bring affordable training's to everyone while consistently offering the best experience possible. Our top of the line training equipment and instructors offer candidates the best learning experience possible. Our quality products are the same ones used in hospitals and by the emergency professionals everyday. We contribute donations to the Lifesaving Society which is our affiliate and partner in reducing water related injuries and fatalities in Canada and abroad. Our services also include medical coverage during events such as concerts, sporting events and aquatic related activities. Be prepared with the best training and products available. Contact us for more information.